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Hurricane Damage? Here’s What To Do Next

Was your home or business damaged in a storm? There are a few key things you should do in the aftermath to ensure your insurance claim is handled promptly and in a fair manner. These steps could also help you if you have to file an insurance claim lawsuit in the face of low-balled, delayed, or denied claims.

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Cover Up Damaged Property — If your property sustains any damage, cover it with a tarp or similar protective water-resistant material to prevent further damage, such as water intrusion. If you don’t try to prevent further damage, your insurer could use any additional damage as a justification for denying your claim.

Document Everything — Taking photos of your property before and after the hurricane is crucial. After the storm, begin documenting your property damage by starting outside and getting your entire house and other property in each shot. Shoot all four sides of your house (and other buildings on your property), making sure to get as much of the roof as possible. Also, take wide shots of your yard and then move in closer for shots with more detail. This is true for inside the home, too: You’ll want to take photos of entire rooms and then move on to taking photos of individual items. Make an inventory of damaged property while doing all of this.

File Your Insurance Claim Promptly — Don’t wait too long to file your insurance claim. Insurance policies often require policyholders to file promptly and you will want to be sure to submit your claim as soon as you’ve take photographs and written up an inventory.

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For more information about what to do if your home was damaged in a storm, visit our hurricane insurance page or download our FREE Hurricane Safety Checklist.

If you file an insurance claim and have been denied, low-balled, or if the insurance company delayed your claim, contact our insurance dispute attorneys for a free case review.

We recommend that you contact your insurance company in the manner they advised. You can use the form on this website to send an email to the insurance company, and while we will try to make sure the message is sent to the appropriate channel in the appropriate manner, we cannot guarantee that this will be sufficient.

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